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You can estimate costs for the following types of service purchases using this estimator. Please click on a purchase type below to view a description and estimate your cost. If you wish to keep a copy of your estimate, you must be sure to click Save or print a copy for your records.

Public or private school, college or university employment

If you were employed at a public or private elementary or secondary school, junior or community college, college or university for at least 20 hours per week on a regular basis (inside or outside of Missouri), you may be eligible to purchase equivalent service with PSRS.


Active military duty

If you had active U.S. military service prior to or interrupting* your PSRS membership, you may be eligible to buy service for the time, if you were discharged under honorable conditions.

*Note: The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) may apply if the military service was after December 11, 1994. Please click the USERRA section below for more information.


Supplemental service (max .5 of a year)

If you are within five years of retirement eligibility, you may buy up to five-tenths (0.5) of a year of supplemental service. This service does not count toward vesting and does not require any prior employment or leave period.


Unpaid maternity/paternity leave

If you were on unpaid maternity/paternity leave from a PSRS-covered employer and returned to PSRS-covered employment after the leave, you may be eligible to purchase up to one year of service for each birth, legal adoption or terminated pregnancy for which leave occurred.* If you are on unpaid leave during the current school year or the previous two school years, you should consult your district about remitting contributions under the unpaid sick leave purchase provision. Please click the unpaid sick leave or workers compensation leave section below.

*You must provide the birth certificate, adoption certificate or physician's certification of the pregnancy pertinent to the period(s) of leave.


Part-time certificated employment

You may be eligible to buy service for part-time certificated employment that was after August 28, 1991, but before August 28, 2003, if the employment was for at least 17 but fewer than 20 hours per week and was with a PSRS-covered employer.


Vo-tech work experience (max 2 years)

If you are or were certified as a vocational-technical teacher and have at least two years of related work experience, you may be eligible to buy up to two years of service for work experience required to obtain the vo-tech certification.


Social Security-covered employment

If you are vested with PSRS and worked in Social Security-covered employment for 20 or more hours per week while age 18 or older, you may be eligible to purchase service for the employment. The employment being purchased may not be used to receive a benefit from another public retirement system (other than Social Security or military pensions).*

Federal law places some limitations on the amount of this type of service that can be purchased with PSRS. Whether or not the amount of service you can purchase is limited by federal law depends on what money (taxed or tax-deferred) you use to pay for the purchase and what type of employment or service (governmental, educational, military) you are buying.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations categorize service purchases as either qualified or non-qualified. Generally, service with another governmental entity is considered qualified. Supplemental service and service for some Social Security-covered employment are considered non-qualified.

When buying service for non-qualified Social Security-covered employment:

  • You are limited to a lifetime total purchase of five years of non-qualified service paid for with after tax dollars. You can purchase additional years (more than five) if those additional years are paid for with rollover or transfer funds.
  • If you pay for the service by rolling over tax-deferred funds from a qualified plan or account, the number of years of service you may buy is limited only to the number of years of service you will have earned with PSRS prior to your retirement.

*You must provide a copy of the Detailed Earnings Information issued by the Social Security Administration, pertinent to the period(s) of employment you wish to purchase.


Not-for-profit educational employment

Employment with a not-for-profit corporation or agency with the primary purpose being the support of education or educational research, and while on leave from a PSRS-covered employer, may be purchased.


Non-federal public employment

If you had non-federal public employment in any location that was at least 20 hours per week on a regular basis, you may be eligible to buy service for this employment. The service may have been covered by another retirement plan. You must have at least one year of PSRS service to make the purchase.

If you do not qualify under the above provision and had non-federal public employment in Missouri that was for at least 20 hours per week on a regular basis and was not covered by a retirement plan, you may be eligible to purchase service for that employment. This provision requires that you be vested (have five years of PSRS service) to be eligible to purchase the service.


Service with another Missouri public pension plan

If you are vested with both PSRS and another Missouri public employee retirement system (including PEERS), you can elect to transfer funds from the other system to PSRS and receive actuarially equivalent service with PSRS, if a cooperative agreement has been signed by both systems. The remaining service, which was not granted after the transfer of funds, can be purchased by paying to PSRS the PSRS calculated actuarial value of the remaining service. This cost is currently calculated using the basic cost calculation.

If you have service at both PSRS and another Missouri public employee retirement system and are vested with PSRS but not the other system, you can forfeit the service in the other system and buy it with PSRS. The cost to do so is the PSRS calculated actuarial value of the service and is currently the basic cost calculation.


Contact Us for These Purchase Estimates

This estimator does not estimate costs for the following types of purchases. Please contact us to request estimates for these purchases.

Reinstatement of previously refunded PSRS service

If you have previous PSRS service that you forfeited by taking a refund, you may reinstate the service prior to retirement by paying back the amount refunded plus interest compounded from the date of the refund until paid in full. The current interest rate is 7.5%. Payment in full must be made prior to retirement.

Unpaid sick leave or workers' compensation leave

If you have been on unpaid sick leave or your salary has been docked for time covered by workers compensation during the current or either of the previous two school years, you may be eligible to purchase the leave through your employer. Contact your employer to arrange payment of the employee contributions that would have been paid during the leave. The employer can then send both the employee and employer contributions to PSRS.

Military service under the federal USERRA law

USERRA-covered service includes service in the U.S. Armed Forces, the National Guard or other service categories designated by the president in time of war or emergency. If the leave was USERRA-covered service and the same employer re-employed you in accordance with the USERRA regulations, you may be eligible to buy up to five years of service for the time, provided you apply within five years of re-employment. You should contact your employer for details.

PEERS-covered employment

Service forfeited by taking a refund from the Public Education Employee Retirement System of Missouri (PEERS) can be purchased, with a portion of the calculated cost offset by a transfer from PEERS to PSRS of the PEERS matching employer funds.