Benefit Calculator

PSRS Members: We encourage you to log in to Web Member Services to use the Benefit Estimator. The Benefit Estimator utilizes your specific membership information on record, including any purchases, when estimating your retirement benefit.

Disclaimer: This Benefit Calculator provides an estimate of PSRS retirement benefits based only on information you enter. The results of the Benefit Calculator should not be interpreted as either a promise of, or contract for, a given level of benefits. In the event of any conflict between the estimate generated through the Benefit Calculator and the laws and regulations of the Systems, the latter will control.

Before any final retirement decisions are made, please contact PSRS for an official Benefit Estimate. Actual retirement benefits can only be determined based on the law in effect at the time of retirement and upon final verification of service and salaries from all employers.

The information entered into this Benefit Calculator is transmitted across the Internet. The calculator does not store the data or intentionally transmit the data to other people.